West Ham United x SiteGround Official partnership

Joining Forces with London West Ham United Premier League Club

Today is the first day of the official partnership between SiteGround and one of London’s most beloved football clubs, West Ham United, part of the English Premier League. To add to the enthusiasm from their winning streak, here is a bit of background on how this whole partnership started and, most importantly, why.

Why Football?

True to our European hearts, we actually have a lot of football, or soccer, as it’s known outside of the old continent, fans at SiteGround. We even have our own in-house team, which regularly ranks in the top 3 in the local IT football league (yes, we may be geeks, but we do like our sports!). Since we’ve always made a point to support initiatives we love and are passionate about, a football club was a natural choice, embraced and celebrated fully by our own staff. Moreover, football is a dynamic game, it’s all about speed, securing your base, and the effort you put in advance, so that you can give your best performance on the pitch. This matches perfectly the main pillars of SiteGround’s hosting services: speed, security, and support.

Why West Ham United?

West Ham is a team that always strives for top performance to the benefit and enjoyment of the fans. It originated in 1895 as the team of the workers at Thames Ironworks & Shipbuilding Company. Known as The Academy of Football, the east London club has an extremely strong legacy and deep-rooted traditions, and has been represented by some of the finest players in the history of English football. The Club also competes in the Premier League, one of the most prestigious sporting leagues in the world, synonymous with the highest-quality football and professionalism. It’s this shared passion for excellence and strong experience in delivering outstanding results that made us look forward to working together.

But perhaps most importantly, West Ham United has a very strong bond with their fans. It’s this unique identity which sets West Ham United apart and very much resembles SiteGround’s own. As one of the very few remaining independent web hosting companies with our long-lasting values, still led by the principle to always give our best- to the benefit of our users and community. Both SiteGround and West Ham United put significant focus into giving back to those around us, always remembering our long-lasting values of care, commitment, doing everything with purpose and mutual respect.

There’s still a lot to come from our joint efforts, and fans can expect some exciting initiatives. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, because we’re certain we are in for an exciting season, both on the pitch and on the web.

It’s a win-win for all. See you at the next game!

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