WordPress Changes Not Showing - How To Fix?

WordPress Changes Not Showing - How To Fix?

Ever wondered why the changes you made on your WordPress site refuse to show up? It’s a headache many of us have faced. In this article, we showcase the causes and how to fix this issue.

Clear WordPress Cache

This issue is most often caused by the cache functionality of WordPress. To see your changes, clear your WordPress cache. The cache is located in a folder called /wp-content/cache/. You can delete content of the cache folder either by FTP or via File Manager in Site Tools.

If you’re using any third-party caching plugins such as WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, or WP Fastest Cache you should also clear the cache from their interface.

Clear Server Cache

If the changes are still not showing then you can flush the dynamic and memcached caches for your website from Site Tools -> Speed -> Caching. SiteGround users who have installed our Speed Optimizer plugin can easily automate the process by following the steps in our Optimizer tutorial.

Flush Your Browser Cache

Often, the discrepancy between the changes you make in WordPress and what’s displayed on your browser can be attributed to a cached version of your site. Follow the steps shown in our article on how to clear your browser cache to ensure that you are viewing the most recent content and design updates.

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