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How to configure PrestaShop to work with another domain?

How to configure PrestaShop to work with another domain?

PrestaShop, like many other applications out there, is domain name dependent. In case you wish to use your PrestaShop with a different domain name, follow the instructions below:

  • For PrestaShop 1.4.x or the older versions:

Access phpMyAdmin in Site Tools and navigate to your PrestaShop database. Select the configuration table (e.g. ps_configuration) and find the PS_SHOP_DOMAIN and PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL records. Change their values to match your new domain name.

Make sure that your PrestaShop’s base directory is correctly set in the application’s configuration file located under /config/settings.inc.php. You can edit the configuration file via FTP, or File Manager in Site Tools.

Once you have opened the file for editing look for the line:

define(‘__PS_BASE_URI__’, ‘/’);

In case your PrestaShop installation is located in the web root folder of your domain name, this line should remain as above. If the installation is located into a subfolder, the line should be changed to reflect its location:

define(‘__PS_BASE_URI__’, ‘/subfolder/’);

Where subfolder is the actual name of the folder where PrestaShop is installed.

  • For PrestaShop 1.5.x:

The only thing that you need to do is to change the shop URL from the database of your application. To do that you will need to:

Go to Site Tools > Site > MySQL and access phpMyAdmin. Locate the table shop_url and change the values for the records: domain and domain_ssl to your new domain name.

Then change the value of the record physical_url in the same table. If you have installed the PrestaShop directly in the domain’s document root, change the physical_url to ” / “. If Prestashop is installed in a subfolder, the value of physical_url should be the sub folder’s name.


For PrestaShop installed in http://yourdomain.com/subfolder the records should be:

domain = yourdomain.com
domain_ssl = yourdomain.com
physical_url = /subfolder/

  • For PrestaShop 1.6.x/1.7.x:

Go to Site Tools > Site > MySQL > phpMyAdmin. Navigate to your PrestaShop database and open the configuration table (e.g. ps_configuration). Find the PS_SHOP_DOMAIN and PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL records and change their values to match your new domain name.

Then open the shop_url table (e.g. ps_shop_url) and change the domain, domain_ssl and physical_uri columns to match the new location of the application.

Remove all the files inside the folders cache/smarty/compile/ and cache/smarty/cache/, except the index.php files situated there. You can do that via FTP.

Log into your PrestaShop admin panel on the new domain and verify if everything is working properly – browse through all pages, products, images, and themes, etc.

In case you need to modify the MySQL database details of your PrestaShop you can do that in the following database configuration files located in the root folder of your PrestaShop installation:

PrestaShop 1.4.x/1.5.x/1.6.xconfig/settings.inc.php

PrestaShop 1.7.xapp/config/parameters.php

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