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How to reset my phpBB admin password?

How to reset my phpBB admin password?

To change the admin password of your phpBB, check which is the database in use for your website.

The database details are listed in the config.php file, located in the root folder of your installation.

The database is listed as:

$dbname = ‘user_phpbdb‘;

Once you have the name of it, go to your Site Tools > Site > MySQL > phpMyAdmin.

  • Select the phpBB database on the left side.
  • Click on the users table (e.g. phpbbhs_users).
  • Click Browse and find the username you wish to edit (e.g. admin).
  • Click on Edit.
  • Type your new password under the user_password row.
  • Click the Function drop-down menu and select MD5.
  • Save the changes by clicking on GO.

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