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How to setup mail in Joomla!?

How to setup mail in Joomla!?

If you have not made any custom changes during the installation, your Joomla! will be set up by default to use the PHP Mail function to send email messages. The settings can be modified via the Joomla! admin area > System > Global Configuration > Server tab. The corresponding settings are found under the Mail section.

Bear in mind that the email address which you are using for “From email” should be of type email@yourdomainname.com.

However it is recommended to use SMTP for sending your messages. To configure your Joomla! to use SMTP, select SMTP for the Mailer setting in System > Global Configuration > Server tab. Fill in the following information in the Mail section fields:

  • Send Mail – Yes
  • From Email – your full email address, i.e. email@yourdomainname.com
  • From Name – your name
  • Reply to Email – the same as From Email
  • Reply to Name – same as From Name
  • Mailer – SMTP
  • SMTP Host – check the exact hostname to use with each of your mail accounts in your Site Tools > Email > Accounts, choose the preferred email account and go to kebab menu > Mail Configuration and select Manual Settings tab
  • SMTP Port – 465
  • SMTP Security – SSL/TLS
  • SMTP Authentication – Yes

Once you save the changes you can use the Send Test Mail button at the bottom of the page to confirm if the settings you set are correct.

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