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How to install PrestaShop manually?

How to install PrestaShop manually?

In this section, you will learn how to install PrestaShop on your website. You can find the latest release of PrestaShop at the PrestaShop’s official website.

To initiate the installation you should first download the latest release of the application and extract the package locally on your computer. Then upload the installation package via Site Tools > File Manager or using an FTP client. Bear in mind that the uploaded package should reside under the public_html directory, which is the web root folder for your account, or alternatively under a subdirectory of it.

Prior to initiating the installation, a new database and user should be created. Add the corresponding user to the database and grant full privileges. You can easily do this following the MySQL Database and User Creation Tutorial.

After you have managed to upload the PrestaShop installation package in the desired directory, you can start with the installation itself.

First, access the directory where you have uploaded the PrestaShop installation package. In case you have uploaded it directly under the public_html folder, it will be accessible directly via your domain name – http://yourdomainname.com. In case you have used a subdirectory, for example, prestashop, it will be accessible via http://yourdomainname.com/prestashop. Make sure to replace yourdomainname.com with your actual domain name.

In the first step of the installation process, you can select the language you prefer to use in your online shop. Choose the language you wish and press Next at the bottom-right part of your screen. This would take you to the License Agreement page. Once you place a tick on the I agree to the above terms and conditions fieldclick Next.

On the next page, the application will perform a system check. If everything is configured properly, you will see a green icon after each check showing that the test is passed. Click on Next. Now you have to enter the store and login information for the application. On the next page, enter the MySQL details for the database you have already created. Once ready, click on Next.

That’s it! Your new PrestaShop application is installed now!

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