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Can I install a third-party SSL?

Can I install a third-party SSL?

You can install third-party SSL certificates through Site Tools.

Make sure that the SSL covers the naked domain name (exampledomain.com) and that you have the SSL certificate, CA bundle, and the Private key, so you can complete the installation. In case you are missing some of the certificate components, reach your SSL provider.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide that will help you to complete the installation:

  • Go to Site Tools > Security > SSL Manager;
  • Then go to section Install New SSL > Import;
  • Paste the certificate into the CRT field. The code can be found in the file “.crt”;
  • Once the CRT is pasted, you should provide the private key that was generated with the CSR you used to order the SSL;
  • Then copy/paste the CA Bundle;
  • Click on Import and the SSL will be installed.

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