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Prohibited and high-risk content, that can lead to email suspension

Prohibited and high-risk content, that can lead to email suspension

Email marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways for brands to reach and engage their target audience. Although its effectiveness is undoubted, unethical practices of email marketers have led to an increase in spam content and harmful practices breaching subscribers’ privacy and safety.

As a result, many countries have enforced strict regulations for the content that marketing campaigns can include. SiteGround Email Marketing adheres to all rules established by international and local laws.

By agreeing to the service terms of SiteGround Email Marketing, you are bound to follow these guidelines guaranteeing your marketing campaigns are legal, concise, ethical, and authentic.

What types of content are prohibited in SiteGround Email Marketing?

Your campaigns should not contain any of the content types listed below. Including such content in your marketing campaigns is prohibited and can lead to the suspension of the Email Marketing service.

  • Content that promotes or incites harm toward others;
  • Harassing and/or abusive content in any form (incl. but not limited to images, statements, graphics, statistics etc.) that could be considered threatening or inciting physical violence against others;
  • Hateful and/or discriminatory content in any form (incl. but not limited to images, statements, graphics, statistics etc.) that could be considered promoting discrimination against others based on sexual orientation, gender identity, race, origin, religion, age, disease, disability, etc.;
  • Content which is inaccurate, fraudulent, misleading or false.

What types of content are considered high-risk in SiteGround Email Marketing?

The following types of content have been flagged as high-risk because they have consistently underperformed in the realm of email marketing. Incorporating these types of content into your campaigns could result in the suspension of your email marketing account.

  • Advertising and promoting gambling and betting.
  • Marketing of quick credit services, forex, etc.
  • Advertisement of mortgage and loan services.
  • Content advertising pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing.
  • Advertisements of credit repair or get-out-of-debt opportunities.
  • Promoting services related to online trading, trading advice, or stock markets.
  • Marketing materials about “getting rich quickly” or making money online.
  • Advertisement of affiliate marketing software and services.
  • Content for buying, selling, or sharing followers or likes on social media platforms.
  • Content promoting buying or selling email lists.
  • Any type of sexual content – escort services, pornography, erotic content, etc.
  • Marketing of mobile unlocking services or IPTV content.
  • Promoting pharmaceutical products.
  • Advertisement of herbal, nutritional, and vitamin supplements.
  • Advertisement of counterfeit products.
  • Any type of content that is considered prohibited or illegal by the applicable law.

What follows after suspension due to prohibited or high-risk content?

Using SiteGround Email Marketing for sending campaigns containing prohibited or high-risk content will result in an investigation on our part. Depending on the outcome, we may use our right to suspend the service indefinitely, effectively terminating and removing it from your account.

Considering this, we encourage you to get familiar with these guidelines to avoid suspension, which is an unwanted situation for all involved parties.

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