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How to use Affiliate Campaigns?

How to use Affiliate Campaigns?

SiteGround can track affiliate sales and provide commissions only if you use a proper link that allows tracking when recommending our services. SiteGround gives you the option to customize this link and send your visitors to a specific landing page that contains more suitable information for them, change the URL you use in a way that it is easier to remember and track the traffic and sales performance for it.

If you plan to send clients to SiteGround the first thing you need to do is get your unique referral link. This link contains a special tracking code which helps us track the sales you refer to us. You can easily find it in your welcome email, as well as in your Client Area > Affiliate > My Campaigns > Default Campaign. Copy it and place it on your site, social media, or other platforms where potential clients would click.

How to create custom campaigns?

Creating custom link campaigns will help you track the performance of your affiliate marketing efforts and generate even more sales. What we call a “campaign” is simply the custom affiliate link to which you should add a landing page and optionally, a banner. You can easily create campaigns from your Client Area > Affiliate > My Campaigns > Add New Campaign.

How to create an affiliate campaign to a page different from the SiteGround index?

If you want to add a landing page of your choice, select the last option listed in the drop-down menu – Other SiteGround page and write the desired URL. If you wish, you can also add a banner to your affiliate campaign from the Banner usage menu and select a banner language, price, and size below. Once you’re ready setting up your new campaign, click Create Campaign. Then copy its code and embed it on the page of your website where you’d like it to appear.

Campaign links are also quite handy for developers, vloggers, and other professionals who need to share directly a shorter and an easy to remember link with their audience. It could also contain your brand name, so instead of the long default campaign link, you can create something like siteground.com/go/yourbrand.

How to track the results of your different campaigns?

Our affiliate system has live tracking, so the minute a sale that qualifies for an affiliate sale, is registered, it should appear in your Commissions Report with status Pending.

You can easily see how different campaigns compare to each other in terms of performance. Go to your Conversions Reports, choose a time period, select All under Campaign menu, and choose Breakdown By month or week. This will quickly show you which campaign is driving the most traffic and/or sales and how it converts. For example, if you see high traffic from a campaign that underperforms in conversion rate to other campaigns, you can think about how to optimize it and work on increasing its conversion rate.

How to edit and delete your custom campaigns?

To edit a link, go to your Site Tools > Affiliate > My Campaigns. Choose the preferred one and click on Edit. There you have the option to edit it or to delete it.

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