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Add Additional Domains To Your Site

Add Additional Domains To Your Site

Many clients point more than one domain to their websites. They register multiple domains associated with their brand (misspelled brand name, brand name with different extensions, etc.) and then park them to the site. That way, they don’t lose traffic to competitors or from mistyping. To park a domain to your site, follow the steps:

  • step 1Register the domains you want

    Go to your Client Area> Marketplace > Domains and check the availability of the domains you like.

  • Our system will automatically suggest variations of the domain you search for and you can easily register several domains in bulk.

  • step 2Park your domains

    If you already have the domains whether registered by different providers or by SiteGround, go to your site’s Site Tools > Domain > Parked Domains and type the domain you want to park.

To park a domain successfully make sure its NS records are pointed to our host server. You can read how to manage the name servers of domains registered by SiteGround here. The nameservers you should set for your domain name are ns1.siteground.net and ns2.siteground.net. You can also see your server’s DNS from Site Tools > Dashboard or from your Client Area > Websites > kebab menu > Website Settings > kebab menu > Server Details.

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