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How to create MySQL User and Database

How to create MySQL User and Database

This tutorial explains how to create a new MySQL user and database.

Video tutorial:

Go to Site Tools > Site > MySQL where you can easily create a MySQL user and a database and then assign the user to the database.

On the page that opens, go to the Databases tab. Click on Create Database. Bear in mind that the Database names are automatically generated.

Next, click on the Users tab to create a new database user. Click on Create User. Bear in mind that they are automatically generated and once set you will receive a notice with the username and its password.

In order for a MySQL user to be used to manage a certain database, the user permissions for that database must be set. This should be done from the Manage Users section, go to the preferred username and click on Add New Database.

On the page that opens, choose the desired privileges the user should have to the database and click on Confirm.

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