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How to Enable SSH/Shell Access in Site Tools

How to Enable SSH/Shell Access in Site Tools

You can enable SSH access from your Site Tools > Devs > SSH Keys Manager.

Once you open the tool, you can generate a new pair of SSH keys. You will need these keys in order to configure an SSH connection from your local computer to the server. The public key is saved on the server and you will have to insert the private in your local SSH software.

You should enter a key name and generate a random passphrase or enter a chosen one. Write it down. You will need it to establish an SSH connection.

Once you are ready, click on Create.

If you already have an SSH key pair, go to the Import tab and you can directly paste the public key in the Public Key text window. Currently the following algorithms for SSH key pairs are supported on our servers:

  • DSA
  • RSA
  • Ed25519

Enter a Key Name and click on Import.

In the Manage SSH Keys section, you can view the details for the allowed SSH connections. You can check the Key Name and the allowed IPs. From the kebab menu for the corresponding ssh key, you can check the SSH Credentials, manage the allowed IP addresses, check the private and public keys and change the key name or delete the SSH key:

By clicking on the Private Key link you will see the RSA Private Key. It is required in the client’s SSH software in order to proceed with the SSH connection.

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